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About Lake Chelan Yacht Club
The Lake Chelan Yacht Club (LCYC) is a private boating and social club on beautiful Lake Chelan in Washington state. The LCYC is owned by the membership of nearly 300 total members and their families. The LCYC consists of a marina that moors nearly 100 boats, member clubhouse, lake cabin, swim area, RV area, villa area and trailer parking. Members utilize the LCYC throughout the year, but primarily during the months of April through September. The LCYC provides it’s members an opportunity to enjoy Lake Chelan privately without the interruption of tourists and provides a safe harbor for launching and mooring boats.

Overview of the Job
The LCYC caretaker is a seasonal 40 hour per week position Thursday through Monday (Tuesday and Wednesday off days). The LCYC caretaker is to ensure the safe operation and upkeep of all LCYC sites. The post involves caretaking duties across all areas of the LCYC, but primarily will serve the lower waterfront areas. The position includes walking and working on the marina docks, and it is essential that the caretaker be comfortable working on the water. Most duties are within walking distance of each other, but a motorized utility vehicle with a dump bed is provided to assist with the completion of daily duties. You would be expected to open and close up the clubhouse, restrooms, and fuel dock, keep all grounds tidy and weed free, ensure inside and outside of buildings are well stocked and presentable.

You would also conduct minor repairs, perform various regular cleaning duties, move tables, chairs, boxes, change light bulbs etc., walk around the buildings ensuring the buildings are safe and tidy, doing regular checks of high contact areas such as the toilets, picnic tables and ice machines. Working on a team and on your own initiative is essential of the position. Health and safety awareness and knowledge is essential. A good service ethos is essential and a can do, proactive, energetic attitude towards your work and people is a must. A good self-manager, attention to detail, and the ability to prioritize is essential.

Reports To
The caretaker will report to and receive direction from the LCYC Commodore and the House and Grounds Chairperson. In the absence of both named above, the caretaker will then report to the Vice Commodore.

Main Responsibilities of the job
• Opening up of buildings and closure of buildings daily
• Ensure all minor maintenance tasks are completed within the buildings including, door handles, shelves, painting, tiling, carpeting, leaks, replacing lightbulbs, plumbing electrical etc. as skills allow.
• Monitor supply levels and order additional as needed to maintain a minimum inventory.
• Up keep of external areas to include, parking areas, boat launch, grass area, swim area.
• Movement of furniture, supplies, deliveries etc.
• Ensure all furniture and fittings are in full compliance with our standards of safety and comfort.
• Maintain safe conditions and safe working practices within all the facilities by adhering to all statutory health and safety procedures and policies as directed by the House and Grounds Chairperson.
• Ensure all fire signage and equipment is legally compliant and monitored and recorded as per legislation as directed by the House and Grounds Chairperson.
• Bag and store ice in the chest freezer prior to weekends, ensuring the chest freezer is full at all
• Fertilize the lawns and shrubs as needed throughout the year. Once at the beginning of June and then as needed to keep the grounds looking green and healthy.
• Spray for weeds and insects as needed with household chemicals.
• Maintain in good working order and repair as needed, within your abilities, all LCYC equipment to include, but not limited to: lawn mower, edger, weed eater, pressure washer, and motorized utility vehicle.
• Deal with all customers (members, family, guests) with courtesy and promptness at all times.
• Observe for, and properly inform, trespassers.
• Any other duties required by the Commodore or the House and Grounds Chairperson.

Detailed Daily Routine
• Clean organize and replenish daily, disinfect high contact areas throughout clubhouse and restrooms (door handles, ice machines and scoop, fuel pump)
o Clubhouse
o Restrooms – Restocking supplies as needed
o Fuel Dock
• Floors – sweep daily
• Restrooms – clean daily
• Garbage – empty smaller garbage cans daily and ensure the large dumpsters are locked at the start and end of each workday.
• Pump fuel for members as needed on the floating gas dock, and keep accurate records of gas sold using the LCYC point of sale system.
• Assign daily transient moorage to members.
• Setup tables and chairs for monthly meetings and or special events.
• May be asked to assist with LCYC functions, work schedule may require adjustment during the week to accommodate or if approved by the Commodore overtime will be authorized at 1 and half times the regular hourly rate.
• Marina Docks – walk docks daily checking for loose boats, damaged docks or any problems and report to the LCYC Moorage Chairperson and Commodore immediately.
• Ensure boat launch chain is locked and boat launch is free of wood debris, and only LCYC members are launching boat.

Weekly Routine
Weekly routine focuses on detailed, deep cleaning and organization of specific areas in addition to the Daily Routine assignments.
• Monday – Mow lawns and trim shrubs.
• Thursday – Mow lawns and pull weeds, deep clean restrooms, wash off concrete patios, unlock dumpster at 5pm for garbage pickup Friday morning.
• Friday – Make sure dumpsters are locked in the morning after garbage pickup, wash windows on clubhouse, and clean spider webs off buildings.
• Saturday – Focus on gas sales and member service.
• Sunday – Organize and clean storage shed and garage.
• Skills abilities and desired traits
• Must possess a valid driver’s license.
• Ability to Bend & Reach within normal limits.
• Ability to Lift 35lbs.
• Ability to Climb ground ladders up to 12’.
• Ability to operate power equipment, including riding lawn mowers, chain saws, lawn edger’s and blowers.
• Strong service ethos is essential.
• A can do, proactive, energetic attitude towards your work and people is a must.
• A good self- manager.
• Strong attention to detail.
• Ability to prioritize is essential.
• You need to be a strong team player, prepared to get your hands dirty.
• A ‘make it happen, positive, energetic attitude to your day-to-day work.
• A practical approach to issues and challenges.
• Address issues positively.
• Communicate proactively.
• Active listener.
• Respectful to members, guests and visitors.
• A desire to make a difference every day.

$17-$19 per hour, dependent upon experience and housing needs. Overtime paid at time and half rate

Hours of work
The caretaker will work a 40-hour work week Thursday through Monday, 8am to 5pm. Hours may be adjusted to assist with events or overtime will be paid for all hours over 40 during the assigned work week. Overtime must be authorized and approved prior to working by the Commodore. The caretaker will start on May 13, 2021 and employment will end on September 27, 2021. The caretaker’s regularly scheduled days off shall be Tuesday and Wednesday of each week.

How to apply
Interested applicants can contact the LCYC Commodore by emailing [email protected] to apply or seek additional information. The applicant selected may be subject to a full background check. Those applying for the position please complete the application and email it back or mail it back to the yacht club. Applicants will be contacted by the LCYC Commodore. Any job offering will be conditional pending the LCYC board approval.