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Welcome to Lake Chelan Yacht Club

Where boating enthusiasts and families have gathered for fun and fellowship since the 1930s. Nestled on the picturesque Hollywood Beach in Chelan, our club offers an idyllic setting for those who love the water and the vibrant community that comes with it.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include a newly constructed clubhouse, a swimming area, and a variety of moorage slips ranging from 20′ to 30′, perfect for accommodating boats of different sizes. Members enjoy exclusive access to our prime boating location along the stunning 55-mile-long Lake Chelan, renowned for its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery.

As a member, you’ll be part of a friendly and welcoming community that embraces families and fosters lifelong friendships. We host a wide range of social activities, from festive gatherings and themed parties to competitive regattas and family-friendly events, ensuring there’s always something exciting happening at the club.

In addition to boating, our club features an RV camping area with full hookups and a villa area for those interested in a summer home near the lake, providing ample opportunities for extended stays and relaxation.

Join us at the Lake Chelan Yacht Club and discover the perfect blend of leisure, adventure, and community. With our available moorage spaces and membership opportunities, there’s never been a better time to become part of our cherished tradition. Come and see why generations of boating enthusiasts have made this their home away from home.

Membership Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of member should I join as?

The Yacht Club has 3 classes of membership. Regular – Family – Social. Typically individuals enter the club as a regular member. To maintain an enjoyable and somewhat private experience “Regular Memberships” are limited to 235 members and their immediate family (i.e. spouse and children under 21). When the regular membership totals 235, a waiting list is established. Regular Membership is open to all acceptable individuals and married couples, age twenty-one (21) or over, expressing a desire to further the purpose of the Club. When a married couple seeks to become a member either the husband or the wife must be age twenty-one (21) or over.

Do you need to own a boat to be a member?

Lake Chelan Yacht Club does not require boat ownership for you to join as a member. We have many members that do not boat but still enjoy our club for our many amenities and social events. There are two different membership types, social members can join and enjoy the club for its social activities as well as enjoy the lawn and swim area. Those that wish to enjoy more of the clubs amenities including usage of the marina, rv area or wish to purchase a cabin in the villa will need to join as a regular member. Social Members are eligible to change to a Regular Member by paying the difference in fees.

Does a membership include my partner and children?

A membership includes the primary member and a partner as well as any children under the age of 21.

What size of boat slips are available?

Lake Chelan Yacht Club has 110 boat slips in the marina. The slip sizes range from 20′ to 30′. These slips are leased on a yearly basis and assigned based on membership seniority. Occasionally slips may be rented by members on a daily basis depending on availability.

What is the membership application process?

A prospective member must first complete a membership application, including two current members as sponsors.

New member applications will be reviewed by the membership chair. Upon review the membership chair will schedule an introductory interview with the prospective application. 
After a membership interview the prospective member may be invited to a clubs regular meeting where the prospective member will be presented to the membership for a vote. Upon successful approval of the membership, the prospective member will need to pay all initiation and membership fees.

How do I obtain sponsorship if I don't know any current members of the club?

The LCYC membership chair can assist in helping to provide sponsorship for incoming members.

Membership Dues

Membership Fees

Some fees are eligible for prorated depending on the time of year you join.  Fees listed above may not include taxes or online credit card processing fees. Contact the Membership chair for specifics. *Family membership is only available for family members of existing regular members. Family members are not required to pay the Initiation Fee. Other fees such as Villa Lot Transfer Fee may not be listed above, but for additional information reach out to the membership chair.

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